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Chestnut Mushrooms cooked in a Butter Parsley Sauce

Chestnut Mushrooms cooked in a Butter Parsley Sauce

Chestnut mushrooms have a great earthy flavour and are a good alternative to the white mushrooms. Again a very simple and quick dish which also tastes delicious. You can serve it with a main dish or simple just with bread.

Serves 2


  1. 12-15 Chestnut Mushrooms- Cut in four
  2. Knob of Butter
  3. 1tbsp Olive Oil
  4. 2 Cloves of Garlic- Crushed
  5. Small Handful Chopped Parsley
  6. Freshly Grounded Pepper
  7. Salt to taste


Take a pan, add the oil and butter. Turn up the heat quite high as mushroom release a lot of water and you still want a bite to the mushrooms. Add the mushrooms, garlic, pepper and parsley. Cook on high heat until the water starts to evaporate. Once all the water has evaporated add the salt and turn the heat off. I always put the salt at the end when cooking mushrooms as I find it you add it in the cooking process then the mushrooms release more water and I do not like disintegrated mushrooms!  So to avoid this add the salt right at the end.

Serve hot! Yum


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